About Us

Based in Belgium and Luxembourg, we are owned by an uncommon, fashion obsessed and freedom loving family team living around the world. With extensive experience of more than 25 years in Fashion and brand owning, it took us 2 years to build this beautiful new collection in which we spared no detail. We are aiming to change the way people shop.

We believe the best days of human beings are yet to come, and we are looking forward to the future. With the desire to pass down to our children something bigger than ourselves, and virtues such as hard work, guts, commitment, patience, responsibility and love, we are here to stay.

We believe that beautiful Mother Nature provides almost everything we need to make our garments. We produce from natural, biodegradable superior fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and linen.

We believe in “be the change you want to see in the World.” Now is the best time to start. Our products are manufactured in clean, light and modern factories all over Europe with the strictest social and environmental practices.

We believe also that pictures and actions speak more than words, so we will stop here and let you be the judge.

In order to pass on to the next generation a better universe than the one we received, we need to change the way we consume. Why not start today?


No Seasons

There are no seasons in our collections. Our super simple philosophy is that beautiful products don’t change just because it’s summer or winter; besides, while half of the world is in summer, the other half is in winter anyway.

Updated continually

We will frequently update our website with awesome new pictures, new stories, new outfits and new products. Come and visit us often!

Stay Uncommon.



In a world where everyone looks like everyone else, and lions wear donkeys’ disguises so that they don't stand out… Be the splash of color, the wave on a too calm sea, the weirdo dancing while everyone's walking. Stand out. Make your voice heard. Say yes, say no, against the majority. Have pride in every little thing that makes you different. This is our call to every remarkable person who's been hiding and killing a little bit of their inner awesomeness every day in fear of their pal's opinion. You were born to shine and this is the time to release everything you've got. Don't conform, don't follow the masses. Join the cool kids and lead the world.



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