Our Quality


All of our garments are made within the European Union in factories complying with the world’s most stringent social and environmental laws. We go the extra mile to ensure you can be proud of your purchase.


All of our factories are chosen not only for their professionalism, but also because they are very clean, painted in white with smiling and happy workers. There were no rats or mice running over your clothes!


All of our products go through a rigorous developing process, each step requiring multiple samples before obtaining the best fit possible. From the time when an idea is conceived to when the final product is realized can take up to a year, involving all departments. We will move mountains for you :).


Threads made of natural materials such as Cotton, Wool or Linen are made of thousands of natural fibers, while synthetic ones like polyester or acrylic are made of plain plastic tubes. Have you ever wondered why you’re sweating in your synthetic clothes?


Natural fibers can absorb water (a.k.a. your sweat ) up to 27 times their weight. When wearing a synthetic garment, sweat is not absorbed, the moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria, and that’s where the odor comes from… Nice, huh?  


Natural fibers are a sustainable, renewable resource. Polyester is made from petroleum.  When wearing a polyester garment it’s like wearing a solid form of the gas you put in your car. Mmm, feeling good?


Natural fibers are biodegradable.  Did you know that 65% of the plastics found in the oceans are smaller than 1mm in size?  Most of these tiny pieces of plastic come from synthetic clothing.  Believe it or not, each time you wash a single garment, more than 1,900 microfibers come loose and are carried away with the waste water, ending up in oceans and eventually in the fish you eat…. Oops!


We choose only fabrics made from the longest fibers because that’s where comfort and strength come from. The longer and thinner the fiber is, the more expensive the fabric is. We use only the best.

- WOOL -

Our wool comes from only the best Australian sheep, and is certified with the label Woolmark©. It is 100% Virgin from the sheep. Did you know that when your sweater is labeled « Wool » instead of Virgin Wool » it means that the wool comes from recycled waste such as socks, old sweaters and carpets? They are destroyed and spun again, resulting of very short, reused fibers.


Pilling results from shorter fibers pushing out from the surface of a garment. If your sweater is of good quality, it will pill very lightly (if at all), and only when the garment is new as the shorter fibers are working their way out. Washing your garment should help remove this waste. Once all of the shorter fibers have worked themselves free of the fabric, your garment will stay beautiful for many years. Generally, as all the fibers of a cheap sweater are short ones, it will unfortunately pill continuously during its very brief existence…



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